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Podcast 1

This is our very first podcast! We are excited to share with you a little of who we are, what we are passionate about and how we believe we can help you. 

Podcast 3

Join Kristi and Cory as they invite Tina Adams from as we discuss manifesting and what it is like to dive into the space of manifesting your future.

Podcast 5

During this episode Krist and some friends review the book, "Supernatural Childbirth" and how it helped them improve their child-birthing experiences. 

Podcast 2

Join Kristi and Cory as they discuss how they have learned to approach family health and vitality in their family of 12. You may be surprised by the answers.

Podcast 4

In this question and answer podcast Kristi and Cory answer questions about homeschooling, parenting styles, what is bringing her JOY in this season of motherhood, money, and more.

Podcast 6

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