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Kristi Dugan, Health intuitive specializing in Mother & Baby

Meet Kristi

I desire to help give others the knowledge and tools they need to heal, to receive what they desire in life, and to enjoy motherhood and pregnancy.

I am continually learning how our bodies work and how amazing they are at “fixing” themselves when given the right guidance and ingredients. Our bodies know how to function correctly. I believe that if we can remove blocks and negative beliefs and patterns, and give our bodies the correct nutrients they need, our bodies have the potential to do their jobs perfectly. I have a bachelors degree in education and love to teach and learn. I have studied anatomy, holistic nutrition, intuitive work (several modalities) and I am a mother of 10 children. My last four babies (including a set of identical twins) were born at home  PAIN-FREE! No medication before or after because I didn't need it. It was calm and peaceful and amazing! I help women before conception and all the way through each stage of pregnancy and postpartum via video sessions, breath work, setting new intentions and mindset coaching, and creating and manifesting desires. I love to paint and incorporate painting into my healing work. I work with children and adults for any number of issues, but my specialty is pregnancy and beyond. I am an author of the book What to Create When You're Creating: A Guide to Experiencing a Pleasurable Pregnancy and Birth. This is a book to help mother's create a pregnancy and birth experience they can enjoy.

I am passionate about helping my family live a healthy lifestyle. I excel at kid-friendly, budget-friendly, and time-saving healthy meals. I am a certified holistic nutritionist and am always studying to find natural ways to help my family thrive. 

     Kristi Dugan

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Mother & Children


Prenatal & Postpartum Sessions

I believe I can help find blocks to wellness causing any prenatal or postpartum ailment from morning sickness to swelling, sadness or weight-loss. This is all done via email sessions. 

Paint to Heal Sessions
for all Mothers

These sessions educate, empower, and inspire mothers to enjoy every stage of motherhood through artistic creativity, breathwork, and gentle mindset coaching.  They offer relief, compassion and inspiration for various issues a mother may encounter.  

Find Joy in Mothering Sessions

I believe I can help you find joy in motherhood by clearing the root causes of imbalances in your body that are leading to illness, sadness, and other difficulties in your life. 


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